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We specialize in the distribution and production of high quality leather ties.

  Hand-made in our own workshop produced leather ties, see our "Limited Edition". Selected hides of the finest quality, complex and unusual colorations and a limited edition make each tie an exclusive accessory with a touch of luxury.

  More leather ties are sourced from suppliers who use only the finest Italian leather for the production of the ties. Our services range from classic black and brown to Metallic gold and silver. 




We also carry a large selection of high quality silk ties.

Whether classic business tie, elegant accessory for parties and celebrations or cool companion for leisure, ties in retro style and vintage look - we offer for every occasion matching tie, the tastefully emphasizes your personal style.

Our entire range is available on our shop page on eBay.

For personal inquiries, special and further advice please contact us via e-mail are available: (see Imprint / Contact)

Information about shipping costs, payment options, delivery times and ... see the FAQ section.


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LEATHER INFO / CARE - (leather ties)

* LEATHER lives and is characterized by maximum comfort.

* LEATHER is comfortable to wear, breathable and kind to the body.

* LEATHER is and remains a valuable natural product.

What you should know if you decide to buy a leather tie:

Minor differences in color, variations in the surface structure and irregularities in texture are not always avoidable. They are the proof for the "Real Leather" and therefore by no means a material error.

A few sentences for the care of leather ties

* Leather Ties please always (avoid kinks!) Keep slightly curled. If you want to keep a leather tie hanging in the closet, so please take this a bracket with a large diameter, otherwise might suffer from the edge of the shape of the bow tie. Leather want to breathe. It must be kept dry and well ventilated (never in a plastic bag!).

* Never wear your tie in terms of wear or dirt work.

* Welding (eg the neck) can leave edges. Of the affected areas, the leather can be brittle. With regular use of care products you will however have a very long time to enjoy your tie.

* Smooth leather ties are generally very easy to clean. Slight soiling (possibly dampen, but only slightly!) Often with a soft cloth to remove. The same applies to special leather cleaner and grease ("less is often more!"). In damp leather please never dry in direct sunlight or lay on a heater. Leather can cure incorrect drying, fade or become brittle.

* Editing your nappa Glattler tie with specific products (eg the leather fat), suppleness and colors remain long.

* Please no experiments with pollution. Even though it is a very easy-care fabric with leather, you entrust please heavily soiled or stained leather ties become the experienced hand of the artisan in a leather special cleaning.

A few sentences for dealing with Suede Ties

* Owning and wearing a suede tie is pure luxury and are not intended for everyday use. Unlike a leather tie is a suede tie very sensitive (personal opinion of the author).

* The first time wearing a suede tie often gets the impression that this rubs off. This is in high quality suede leather not the case but: high quality suede is sanded several times, the fine dust is sucked and removed while later, however, remains lose thereof often only when worn. Therefore, initially carry Similarly colored shirts to it.

* Perfume and hairspray are not compatible with suede ties. Therefore, when applying make sure that nothing gets on the leather tie. It would be a pity for such a quality piece of clothing (cover with your hand or just put on after the hair styling / perfume).

* A stain removal should unbedigt to those skilled in a special cleaning service leave. The various stains (eg, aftershave, drink spills, etc.) all of which must be treated differently.

! When buying a leather tie on good agonyty
! Feel free to ask where the product is manufactured your dealer
! Get introduced to tighten no PE leather, leather look, leather etc. Vauxal than genuine leather

We are happy to answer any further questions.

Many greetings from your